How to Trust Your Vision, Even When Others Don't

Fact: Not everyone will fall in love with your goals. Actually, some people will intentionally try to distract you from moving forward with what you want because they derive some pleasure from pulling you down. Whether you call them naysayers, or haters, there are some things you should keep in mind when protecting your vision.

1. When you keep a laser-like focus on your vision everything else will fall away.
So many people spend every day worrying about what others think of them. They fear speaking their mind, or making any moves because they are terrified about what the masses will say. But you know what? Life is short, so why waste your time trying to mold yourself to be someone you are not?

Remembering who you are trying to reach will always keep you focused and centered. You can’t be everything to everybody. And that is the way that it should be. When I made the decision to create a blog dedicated to helping people live life outside the box, I knew I would receive some feedback that would be less than positive. The Fab Life Project isn’t for everyone. It’s really not for practical people. Or even people who totally risk averse. It’s really not for people who believe that they CAN’T. It’s for the people who question if they CAN. Big difference.

2. When people try to box you in (and they will) RUN!
Doing something unconventional is scary. Whether that be quitting your job because you never did like it anyway, or starting a new business venture, branching out into the unknown is a little terrifying. And the funny thing about this is, not only are YOU scared, your notions of being big and bold start scaring other people!

Folks freak out when they see others wanting to try something new. I believe this is because we have been so programmed to believe something is wrong with us if we don’t want to fit into the traditional, limited definition of success. And most of the time their reaction will be to try to find someway to put you back in the box, cage, or cube.

Remember this: anytime someone tells you that your project doesn’t look like the typical something you expect to see, you are doing something right. Rock on!

3. Finally, and most important, remember YOU define your own rules.
The number one reason I created my blog is because I want to encourage people who don’t believe in living a mediocre existence to break through convention to get to their true self.

I reminded myself of this after I spoke to my friend because I decided to veto her opinion. Why?
The beauty of a idea or a goal is that it can be anything you want it to be.

Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking there are “set rules” you should follow. Just because something has always been done in a traditional way, does not make it automatically right. The fabulous thing about your project might be the way you do everything WRONG, according to the powers that like to spit modern “wisdom”.

Next time you start a new project, or are redefining your vision, keep this in mind: there are the kind of rules that keep us safe (look both ways before you cross the street), and then there are the rules that are just limitations set up by others. Learn to distinguish between the two. Then follow the path less taken, not the path of least resistance.

About the author: In 2009, Amber J. Adams moved to New York City with nothing but two suitcases and a smile. As the voice behind The Fab Life Project blog, Amber provides weekly inspiration, ideas, and resources for Gen Y’ers who want to live lives that rock without limitations or hesitations. She is on a mission to show people that life doesn’t have to be mundane; it can be freakin’ fabulous! Visit Amber's blog

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