Improvised Bomb Detonated by Young Nigerian Girl and Suspected Captive of Boko Haram

A young Nigerian girl, said to be about the age of 10, killed 19 people and injured others. Attached to her body were explosives that were set off at a market in Maiduguri.

No group has made claims that the attack was theirs, but it is heavily suspected that the work was of Boko Haram. The terrorists have been fighting for an Islamic nation in Nigerian states: Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa, and have incited much violence and death.

Abdullahi Kaura of the BBC, lives in Lagos and warns that there will be more suicide bomber attacks. He cautions that Boko Haram knows that people are less suspecting of women and girls, and they will continue to use this naivete for their benefit. It is uncertain if the young girl used as the host for the bomb is one that was kidnapped by the Boko Haram last April, but it is imperative--now more than ever, that Boko Haram is stopped.

The range of their terror has no cap and not only have these young girls been kidnapped, raped, threatened to be sold off in marriage, but their bodies are now being used to kill. What more has to happen to the girls who were kidnapped in April, the women and girls kidnapped in December, and the 40 boys who were abducted as well, before their lives become a priority? According to the U.S. Congressional Research Service Report, the terrorist group is responsible for at least 5,000 deaths and the trauma of 6 million Nigerians.

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Photo: AFP Photo/Stringer

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