10 Awesome Black Mom Bloggers to Follow

by Ariel C. Williams

As told by the media, Black motherhood is plagued with rage, neglect, or mourning. Although positive images of Black TV moms are slowly returning, the overall consensus seems to be that we’re devoid of raising well-nurtured and functional children. For those of us empathically raised by attentive and understanding Black mothers, we know that this simply isn’t true. We’ve seen firsthand how beautiful Black motherhood truly is and anticipate its emulation in our own parent-child relationships. When the media proves that these relationships don’t exist, we tend to find happy mediums online, which is filled with thriving communities and blogs in support of healthy, Black motherhood. Today, we’re highlighting 10 Black mom bloggers who dedicate their online brands to depicting the loving, uplifting motherhood that many of us know so well.

1. Mommy Week

Ashley Marshall-Seward is the brains behind popular lifestyle and parenting blog, Mommy Week. Her blog is filled with home and parenting hacks, delectable recipes, family travel and resources on living an organic life. You will notice that Ashley homeschools her three beautiful children, who are smart and entrepreneurial. Having partnered with major brands while showcasing loving mother-children relationships, Mommy Week’s online pulse is sensational and inspiring for moms and mom bloggers everywhere. It’s clear that this Black mom is dedicated to parenting on an exceptional level.

2. Mama Knows It All

Brandi Jeter started Mama Knows It All almost five years ago to chronicle the joy and pain of being a then single mother. Since inception, her blog has transformed into a go-to resource for “women all over the world who are looking for encouragement as they figure out what being a mom means for them.” Brandi often gushes over her adorable daughter and “newlywed-ish” husband, while also sharing helpful tips, hacks, stories, and information that not only uplift moms everywhere, but inspire them as well.

3. We Got Kidz

What’s in a name? We Got Kidz founder and editor Kesha Phillips wastes no time letting readers know the reason for her hysterical parenting and entertainment blog! This blog has a plethora of information ranging from her own personal anecdotes of raising kids, to all-age child development, to family health and care. We also appreciate that Kesha and her husband still find time to remain “cool” while raising their cute twins.

4. Fab Haute Mama

A blog about “life, love, motherhood, and musings” is the tagline at Fab Haute Mama. But MJ Jacks, the site’s founding editor, has found a unique way to make it so much more. At any given moment, you’ll find breathtaking photos of her small children on social media with a follow up post about motherhood lessons she’s learned from her Caribbean heritage. In addition, FHM is jampacked with the best books for children, family recipes, summer activities, and second pregnancy stories.

5. Moms ‘N Charge

Christine St. Vil, the FLY Mom Coach of Moms ‘N Charge, offers fantastic parenting and self-care counsel. She believes that in order for moms to be effective in motherhood (and anything else), one must First Love Yourself, or what she terms as FLY. Christine’s blog is filled with professional accomplishments, but her greatest one seems to be mothering her three gorgeous children.

6. Pharr Away

Nicole Pharr’s mission at Pharr Away is “to inspire, encourage, and inform in a way that impacts the world, no matter how small, through the sharing of my own experiences and findings.” Like the other mom bloggers featured, this blog is a heartfelt reflection of parenting with grace while balancing marriage, work, and self-care. Readers will also find content on health, fitness, and cooking.

7. Product Review Mom

These days, teaching our children the principles of entrepreneurship is equally important. Louida Martin of Product Review Mom lives by an entrepreneurial example that her two girls and interested moms can learn from. Here, you’ll find reviews on the best and safest products for your family to use, travel ideas, and how to generate an at-home income from it all.

8. Rattles & Heels

Who said moms have to succumb to “mom jeans” after having kids? Grenadian blogger Adanna from Rattles & Heels shows moms every day that you can “look amazing while raising kids.” And based on her blog, she’s doing both with grace and excellence. While Adanna’s online space is hip with fashion, beauty, and natural hair tips, it’s dually equipped with great parenting advice, day trips, and personal truths of a two-time mom and wife.

9. The Young Mommy Life

Tara’s mission for The Young Mommy Life is to “help young mothers everywhere make informed decisions about their relationships, education, careers, and parenting style.” YML features content on food, love, family, money, school, beauty, fashion, and health. Throughout her highly syndicated content, you’ll find photos and references of Tara’s young kids as tokens of her maternal love.

10. Diary of a First Time Mom

Some people create diaries when embarking on a new journey. But when Diary of a First Time Mom’s founding editor Heather Hopson became a new mother, her diary became visible to millions of moms worldwide. With a growing masthead, DFTM creates content for moms-to-be, new moms and their babies, and beyond. No matter the subject, the content you’ll find on this blog is created to help mothers become better at self-care, building healthy relationships, and everything else motherhood has to offer.

All photos taken from the bloggers featured on this list.

Ariel C. Williams is a freelance writer, author, and virtual assistant based in Florida. She thrives on connecting with women about life, love and goals through professional endeavors, social interactions and her debut book The Girl Talk Chronicles (Amazon). Follow her on Twitter @ArielSaysNow.

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