Eric Casebolt, McKinney Cop Who Pulled Gun on Black Teens, Resigns

Dallas-Fort Worth's local Fox News affiliate is reporting that Eric Casebolt, the McKinney police officer—who was captured on video cussing at Black teenagers, pushing 15-year-old Dajerria Becton's face into the ground while kneeling on her back, and pulling a gun on a group of teens who attempted to come to her aid—has resigned from the McKinney Police Department.

The now viral video showed Casebolt using extreme force against unarmed Black teenagers in swimsuits, when police were called for a disturbance at a community pool in an affluent McKinney neighborhood.

Many viewers of the video feel Casebolt's actions showcase the horrible realities of police brutality and racial bias that have been present in the high-profile cases of the deaths of Black men, women, and children. Thus, a large protest was organized by local community leaders and took place on Monday, June 8th. (For photos from the protest, visit For Harriet's Instagram.)

Fox News 4 reports that Casebolt's lawyer announced the officer's resignation.

For more information, visit the Fox 4 News website.

Photo: Fox 4 News / YouTube

Michelle Denise Jackson is Senior Editor at For Harriet. 

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