Ciara is Engaged to Russell Wilson and the F*ck Boys are Mad

by Kimberly Foster @KimberlyNFoster

Ciara won, and so did Russell Wilson. The newly affianced couple have been unapologetic about their connection since they went public with their relationship about a year ago.  They have not been shy about sharing their affections on social media. The cuteness of each new photo and video they post surpasses the one that precedes it.

Last week, Wilson announced that he and Ciara are engaged via an Instagram post wherein he exclaims  “she said yes” while Ciara lets out an excited squeal and holds up her engagement ring, reportedly valued at $2M.
Even if the public displays of the future Wilsons aren’t your thing, their joy is undeniable.

But it is no surprise that Ciara’s happiness has aroused the bitterness of Fuck Boy Nation, the league of unimpressive misogynists whose fragile masculinities are threatened by the happiness of women who fall outside of their narrow definition of ideal Black womanhood.
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According to FBN, because Ciara is a single mother who has previously made unfortunate choices in love, she is forever underserving of a caring, attentive partner like Wilson. They’ve branded Ciara a hoe, despite having less than a handful of public relationships, and a hood rat, despite her being a successful multihypenate for more than a decade.

This logic makes complete sense to men who simply cannot come to terms with the fact they they are, in fact, the undesirables. They relate to Future--the man who slanders the mother of his child, pretends to be an addict, and spends little time with his son--and paint him the victim.

But they are completely divorced from reality. These men are not Russells. They’re not even Futures. They’re holding on to Ciara’s mythical “damage” because thy are incensed by seeing Ciara and women like her bounce back.

Wilson, who is a divorcee, is in no way settling. He has long had his eye on Ciara. And it’s not difficult to see why. She is a stunning beauty with her own career and money who has managed to stay above the fray despite Future’s inappropriate public comments on her sex life and parenting.  She did not even trash him for cheating on her while she was pregnant.
Frankly, Ciara dodged a massive bullet. She chose a man who turned out to be a terrible partner. It happens.  And now not only did she defy the odds, she’s living a real life fairy tale. She found a wealthy, incredibly good looking man who has embraced her child and whisks her away on exotic vacations.

Ciara’s experiencing a next level glow up, one I wish for every woman. There is literally no scenario in which a move from Future to Russell Wilson would not be considered an upgrade. The haters, however, will stay mad. Instead of applauding a 30 year old woman for her personal growth, they’ll wish she were still stuck.  So while FBN whines, we’re cheering her on.

Kimberly Foster is the founder and editor-in-chief of For Harriet. Email or

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