Afrikrea Marketplace Offers African Fashion for Women of Every Size

It's a beautiful time to be Black. Despite the constant attacks on people of the African Diaspora, we're coming together in ways most of us have never witnessed. We're learning about our heritage and sharing elements of our culture with transatlantic siblings.

One way we can show our connection to the continent is what we wear and consume.  The Afrikrea Marketplace is a one-stop destination for you to find authentic art, crafts, and fashion made from African craftsmen.

Not only is this an incredible opportunity for consumers, but the marketplace offers creators the chance to get their products in front of a global audience.

At a time where our culture is routinely co-opted for the benefit of others, it's nice to be able to support our own.

Afrikrea was created by two African entrepreneurs, Moulaye and Kadry, who say their mission is to "enable fans of African creations to realize their passion while allowing creators to live theirs."

Take a look around their diverse marketplace of goods, and grab a fabulous piece.

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