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Five Facts about Fidelity and the Fear of Faithlessness

Okay, I get it. It’s 2010 and the world is telling you, my sisters, that you can’t get a man. Should you get a man, he won’t put a ring on it. If he puts a ring on it, he will cheat. And if he’s not inclined to cheat, Alicia Keys will appear out of nowhere and entice him into cheating. Yes, I’m being sarcastic because it’s getting utterly ridiculous. CONTINUE READING...
Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you - I observe everything. I watch people’s actions, reactions, facial expressions, body language, unspoken hints and innuendoes. I have encountered things that made me happy, proud, and even angry. I have also witnessed things that have saddened me - like the sad state that we, Black women, have fallen into when it comes to love. We will do almost anything for attention and affection. CONTINUE READING... Desperately Seeking Sisters
For Clara: A Tribute To A Forgotten Civil Rights Pioneer

Known to many as the "Mother of the Civil Rights movement," Clara Luper is, perhaps, the most influential modern civil rights figure you've never heard of. CONTINUE READING...
When I gave birth to my daughter Khari, I felt intent on mirroring my mother’s method of raising me consciously. My mother prepared me early on that there was racism in the world and the educated mind was the tool for battle. As she greased my scalp and braided my hair, my mother hugged me between her knees as I practiced my growing vocabulary at 8 years old, reading aloud from books the words of great minds like Chancellor Williams and Franz Fanon. CONTINUE READING... Authentically Relating
Finding Romance and Love Online

In an article on, their readers debated at the chances of black women in America finding love online especially through internet dating agencies. The chances weren't good compared to other races, but the writer encouraged them to work it out saying, "We're smart, beautiful, fun-loving, resourceful women." I agree. I have written of my own experience of online romance below. CONTINUE READING...

Erykah Badu Gets Probation, Fine for Controversial Video
Lauryn Hill Charts For the First Time Since 1999
First Lady of Uganda Denounces Gays at Youth Rally

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