Blogger Calls Out Black Women Versus White Women Articles

The comingling of patriarchy and white supremacy has produced a crop of blog posts and articles that devolved the "lonely black woman" trope into offensive comparisons of the values and presumed worth of white women versus those of black women.

These posts are written by and for Black women, and Clutch Magazine's Brande Victorian asks why we're so quick to cosign:
I think there is something inherently dangerous about making these sorts of comparisons. It’s not enough that blond hair and blue eyes are revered as the ideal standard of beauty by society as a whole, and that some black men will gladly step up and let everyone know why they prefer white women to loud, ghetto, hyper-independent black women, but now black women are telling one another to look up to white women as examples of how to be successful in relationships. What message are we sending ourselves when we make statements like, “white women are winning,” which implies we are losing?
Black blogs capitalize off of controversial yet harmful stereotypes of both groups. Hopefully the next time the mood strikes to contrast the plight of the downtrodden black woman with the victory of the virtuous white woman, we can stop and devise new themes that might move the conversation forward.

Black Women Are Drinking the Kool-Aid [Clutch]

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