New Documentary Focuses On The Impact of Colorism on 'Dark Skin Girls' + Giveaway

Every Black woman can tell a story about the damage white supremacy has done to her self-image; however, certain members of our community feel that alienation far more acutely. A new documentary Dark Skin Girls takes a closer look at the discrimination these women face with first hand accounts.

This 10 minute clip features several interviews as well as a little girl participating in the infamous doll test.

I can't wait to see this. Let's embrace any opportunity provided to Black women to voice their pain. The damage the white beauty ideal has done to the souls and spirits is immeasurable. Hopefully, this will bring us all a little bit closer to a place of healing and understanding.


Tell us about the point you came to fully embrace your beauty. If you're not quite there we'd like to hear about that journey too. One commenter will win a product of their choice from Enso Naturals, so please specify which product you'd like to try in your comment. Check out Enso Naturals on Facebook.

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