30 Black Women Bloggers You Should Know, Part 3

We've finally reached the end of our series on the Black Women Bloggers You Should Know (Part 1, Part 2). Here are 9 more bloggers we admire. Of course there are tons more Black women in the blogosphere who are doing magnificent work. There just wasn't an opportunity to feature each one, so leave a link in the comments!

Latrice Fowler of Raising Chefs - With a focus on getting kids off the couch and into the kitchen, Latrice's blog provides tips for healthy eating. You'll fall in love with her family and discover how to strengthen yours with her healthful recipes.

Tamara of Get it Girl Style - Ready to update your decor? A total space transformation may be in your future with help from Tam. Just think of her as a cooler, hipper Martha Stewart. She offers design guidance for folks on a budget.

Patrice Peck of Xhibit P - Blogs are taking on a new mission. Increasingly the great ones are focused on teaching and reaching. Consistently shedding light on original works by artists of color, Patrice is more curator than blogger. Additionally, Xhibit P regularly takes exhibitions offline in order to promote necessary dialogues on art and culture.

Renae Bluitt of In Her Shoes - Black women are routinely portrayed as many things, but we are rarely painted as successful entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Renae's blog began with a narrow focus but has expanded to include a community of aspirational Black women.  If you're looking for  real life role models, you'll see Oprah ain't the only black woman living her dream.

Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista - Style comes in all sizes, and Marie is gradually building an empire around body acceptance. Her blog highlights fashion inspirations for women of all sizes, and her hardwork has gotten her noticed. She recently partnered with Chevrolet for their Cruze-arati campaign.

Renina of New Model Minority - Renina is the rare great mind who can at once feed the mind and the soul. Placing Black women at the center of her critical discussions of pop culture and academia, you'll find that her insightful posts often open the door to self-discovery and introspection.

Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend - Though white men get the biggest megaphones in the progessive blogosphere, Pam is one of the many of hardworking Women of Color shedding light on the issues. She's the woman at the helm of the super popular blog and thus responsible for the exceptional reporting on politics, lgbt issues and women's rights.

Natalie McNeal of The Frugalista Files - Natalie's blog teaches us all how to live frugally and fabulously. She proves that living well on the bare necessities isn't an impossible task with simple tips that can be easily incorporated into your current lifestyle.

Kurly Bella of K is for Kinky -  The creator of K is for Kinky used her style expertise to create what has become a one-stop-shop for glamorous naturals. Her fashion spreads will have you clutching your wallet, and her beauty and hair columns will have your proudly patting your fro.

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