For Trayvon

I love black women, so I fight for us daily. Not long ago, I came to the realization that uplifting and undergirding the souls and spirits of sisters is my life's work. I do love black men too; however, I often find it difficult to fight for them.

I may be disenchanted, but never has it crossed my mind to disavow black men completely because they are ours. Our fathers, brothers, uncles and our sons. Not even white supremacist capitalist patriarchy could sever the eternal ties that bind men and women of the African Diaspora. That is why I felt it imperative to address the tragedy of Trayvon Martin. He is not a black woman but a black woman's child. And every time I see his face, I think of his mother's suffering. A 17 year-old's death has helped a militant black feminist like myself to understand the needlessness of finger-pointing in our communities. We need accountability not blame, for the latter only reaps bitterness.

A child is dead. His murderer is free. I want to scream; to cry; to rage; to avenge. I want to destroy. But what would that accomplish? Instead I'm opting for revolutionary love--a love that strengthens understanding and renews hope. Love builds. Let's build today.

Trayvon deserves justice.

- Kimberly Foster

Sign the petition at to prosecute the killer of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin

Contact Bill Lee, Chief of Police

Sanford Police Department
815 W. 13th Street
Sanford , Florida 32771
Phone: 407.688.5070
Fax: 407.688.5071
Dispatch: 407.688.5199

Contact Norman Wolfinger, Florida's 18th District State's Attorney

State Attorney's Office
Criminal Justice Center
101 Bush Boulevard
PO Box 8006
Sanford, Florida  32772-8006
(407) 665-6000

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