10 Black Women Bloggers You Should Know in 2012

Finally, it seems Black women bloggers are getting the due respect they deserve. You'll find them in major publications, on national television, at conferences across the country. Their voices reach across platforms. These women show the world breadth of our knowledge with their pointed, thoughtful commentary. This year, we've assembled a brand new list of women of African descent who share their voices online. Thought many of the women maintain their own blogs, some do not. They each use the digital space to facilitate diverse dialogues about our womanhood and our interests.

Jasmine Crowe of Black Celebrity Giving - Celebrity gossip blogging is big business, but Jasmine built a thriving audience around highlighting stars giving back to their communities. Black Celebrity Giving provides a much needed alternative to the drama and arrests we're used to seeing from celebrity coverage. In addition to covering celebrity philanthropy, BCG regularly covers missing Black men and women.

J. Danielle of Player Perspective - In a world where women's sports knowledge is questioned ad nauseum, J Danielle skillfully dissects the every aspect of professional sports from a fresh viewpoint. She's quickly become one of few prominent women of color in the white-male dominated world of sports blogging.

Mattie James of Mattieologie - Mattie shares the life through the lens of fashion. In every post, her personality and charm shine through. But Mattie is more than a fabulous clothes horse, the savvy fashion writer organized the Style Bloggers of Color community and conference bringing men and women of color across the country together to discuss their passion.

Tai Goodwin of Launch While Working - Tai Goodwin transformed her career, now she's guiding aspiring entrepreneurs to job freedom. Her blog is a collection of helpful tips and advice for those who wish to start a business while maintaining full-time employment.

Jamie Fleming-Dixon of For Colored Gurls - Jamie uses her gift for words to create a space that provides a steady stream of diverse content dedicated to inspiring and uplifting Black women. FCG leaves no topic left uncovered. No matter what your age or station in life, you'll find something that touches you.

Taren Guy of Taren916- It seems everyone's a beauty expert these days, but we trust Taren to give us the real deal. Hair and makeup are her specialty; however, you'll find much more on her Youtube channel. Fall in love with her infectious personality and stirring insights.

Lutze of The Feminist Griote - Feminism comes in many shades. Thankfully we have bloggers willing to explore the intricacies of feminist theory in public. Lutze melds critical feminist analysis of culture and events with personal commentary.We're thankful for her voice.

Kimberly Allers of Mocha Manual - Kimberly's blog is a prime destination for Moms of Color who wish to share open, honest views on pregnancy and parenting. She and her cohort broaden important discussions that too often exclude Black women. She's also written a series of books about her parenting journey.

Nicole Clark of Nicole Clark, MSW - Too often conversations about Black womens' sexuality are steeped in shame and colored with fear. Nicole Clark opens up the dialogue with factual information and nuanced analysis. With every post, this sex educator works to mobilize Black women to take control of our bodies.

Ginger of Girls Just Wanna Have Funds - Ginger's a wealth of financial knowledge, and she's helping women better understand the often confusing ins and outs of personal finance. From the basics and beyond, her easy-to-understand is a great guide for women looking to better manage their money.

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