8 Must Read Blog Posts By Black Women

We're always looking for ways to amplify the voices of Black women. We do it within our community, but there are many more brilliant sistas writing themselves into history. Even if we tried, there's no way For Harriet could showcase all of the incredible bloggers we find.

We asked our readers to submit their best posts from last month, and here are our favorites.

Love Like I've Never Been Heart Before: Blessed Through The Pain - Ari Speaks

Have I been perfect in loving?  No.  But I am still happy that I have loved.  My pastor told me a few years ago, “When you love, you love deeply.”  And he was so right in his observation of me.  In fact, every man I have ever loved, I still love.  Even after and in the midst of all the pain, let downs, and disappointments, I still love.  The scripture really is true, “Love never ends.” (1 Corinthians 13: 8) It really keeps going, even if the relationship does not.  Love keeps going.

Emotional Manipulation is the New Racism - Asis Chronicle

That we had to explain to the Lone White Guy that advocating for the interests of African American students (which was, after all, why we were there) doesn’t make us “exclusionary” nor “reverse racists” in our advocacy made me realize this: As long as we are being bullied or otherwise coerced into advocating alongside others in support of their objectives, we’re the most cooperative and understanding people anyone’s ever come across, and everyone will say so.

But, the second we decide to advocate for dismantling public policies that negatively impact us and the members of our communities, EVERYBODY – white folk, especially – goes all “Can’t we all just get along?” on us.

Who's Lovin' You? - Checkin' Up & Checkin' In With Toni Staton Harris

I can say for certain is that when one gets her own worth, the supernova of peace and choice is unleashed and cannot be contained.  A woman who knows, believes deep down in her heart that she is worthy of greatness looms an unrivaled presence.  A worthy woman who truly loves herself cannot help but be properly loved in return, if one is privileged to be invited and take residence in her space.  A worthy woman doesn’t ask the question Who’s Lovin’ You.   A Worthy woman is the answer.

Rethink Everything - Felicia Pride

The radical act of self-care - Inkblot

Let me say this again, because sometimes we need to hear it more than once – we all deserve care, simply because we exist. That means you. And caring for yourself is one of the most powerful ways you can care for the world around you. 

An Open Letter to My Ex-Lovers - LoveJonesLifestyle

One of you used to make me cry but you didn't know it. My pride wouldn't allow me to display such 'weakness' before you.  That's why I preferred to keep a straight face & let my big mouth & cuss words do it all for me.  It was a smoke screen.  You were so fine to me and all I wanted to do was keep you, but somehow, when I tried to express that, the words would get stalled in my throat. That's why you couldn't grasp what I was saying. I wasn't telling you the whole truth. You went on with your life, doing what you wanted to do & I held a grudge against you for it. For some reason, I actually thought that you could read my mind & know that I wanted us to be together. Some years later, I was able to confess a lot to you and how I felt things went down between us. You confessed your wrongdoings & that was enough for me, but you took it a step further and healed me with your apology. Thank you.

Pryor's Place and The End of Saturday Mornings - Notes From The Brown Mama Underground

Ooh, Child - Read Bean Dreams

Loss and responsibility is not unique to black girls, of course.  The way we must bear it, however, is disproportionately harsher than non-black girls.  The world falls very squarely on far too many of our tiny shoulders.  When your resources are limited, options in the way of assistance are also limited.  By the time we’re women, too many of us have dealt with issues far above our pay grade, and the reaction to us is visceral and unforgiving.  We’re dismissed as broken and angry, and far too few people care to examine what has actually broken or angered us.

We'll do another roundup next month, so get ready to send us your best post from the month of June!

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