The Milk & The Honey: Patiently Waiting For What's To Come

As I headed to church one Sunday morning with my mother by my side, I was optimistic.  This day, there was no struggle to wake up and take care of business, no slight headache lingering from the drinks I had the night before. No reason to make excuses.

Prepared to fill-up for the new week, speak happiness into my life and hear my pastor preach. I was ready.

I rushed up the pavement, hearing myself take every step, (something about hearing my footsteps makes me feel useful, prepared, strong, womanly) I was eager to get inside.  We sat down and I realized that my pastor, the person I was so eager to hear a word from,  was not preaching.  I tell myself that it's okay, that I came to hear a word not a man and to give the guest a chance!

As I preoccupied myself with reading the weekly bulletin, I heard a voice.

A female preacher stood up in front of the church and spoke to us in such a beautiful tone. It sounded like she was singing.  I had no choice but to sit up straight and pay attention.

It was like she and I were having a conversation.  I'd have a reaction to what she just said and she'd hit me with the perfect response.  I was amazed!  It was as if God was showing me that when He has something to say, he will do it through any vessel He chooses.

The pastor addressed the congregation as if she was having a personal dialog with each member and it was inspiring.  She preached about how hard times are only preparation for the good time. That we have to go through “the wilderness” before we can get to “the milk and the honey”; I was ready to shout!  She used these metaphors and explained them so plainly.  Saying that Milk represents strength, longevity, and health while Honey is all of the good stuff; happiness, delight and truth.

I just feel that sometimes I’m in the wilderness and wondering when I will get out.  I’m kind of in limbo, working on myself, waiting for something great to happen.  I am not necessarily where I feel I am supposed to be in life, but I’m on my way.  I feel like there’s one foot in the wilderness and I can see the milk and the honey, but I can’t taste it yet.  I know it’s there waiting on me, but I’m ready for it now.  All of it.  

I know that life isn’t all sweet, but I just want to be happy!  I am currently living in the best times of my life (most of the time), but I also know that there is much more in store for me!  I’m just glad I have the milk and the honey to look forward to when I sometimes wander into the wilderness… I am ready for it all I am ready for THE MILK & THE HONEY!

Courteney Nicole blogs at Table For One.

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