Renew Your Season: How to Start the New Year Off Right

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Have you ever stopped to notice how seasons change? If so, you may have noticed how they shed the old for the new, bringing forth a rebirth of life and things brand new. The same way seasons renew and let go of the old, it is important that we do the same to move forward towards living the life we want.

If you are carrying around things that are weighing you down such as toxic relationships, ill feelings, stress, unhappiness, and the list could go on; begin the process of eliminating the lifeless things you are carrying around by coming to terms with them.  Of course this process of elimination sounds easier said than done and will not happen overnight, but as long as you commit to renewing your season in life, you will get there and feel so much better about your journey in life.

The following are a few steps to help you begin the process of renewal.

1. Reflect

I start with this step first, because it’s important to understand what you are feeling and why.  Reflect on the reason you are holding on to something or someone who is no longer serving a purpose in your life.  Find a quiet place, grab your journal and let every emotion, thought, question, and answer you give yourself flow from your spirit on to the page.  Don’t be afraid to show the truth, for within the words that you write in your journal, you will find the answers that you need and from there you can begin to come to terms with the reason or reasons why you are holding on.

2. Let Go

Letting go of the very thing that you are holding on to is a very important step if you want to renew your season.  The process of reflection allowed you to see the reasons why you were holding on, but letting go will set you free from it.  Carrying baggage from one season to the next of your life can only do one thing; accumulate more baggage. Nothing will diminish your spirit and prolong your journey in life than holding on to something you know you need to let go of.   If it’s not serving you and your higher good, it’s time to get rid yourself of it and move on.

3. Forgive

Forgiveness is an important step in this process because the act of forgiving is one of the most powerful things you can do in renewing your season because you set yourself free from living in the past.  If you are not willing to forgive someone or yourself how can you expect your new season to release the blessings that wait for you?  Holding on to ill feelings have no place in a season of renewal. Keep in mind, being unwilling to forgive can block your blessings and keep you in a place of bondage.  Once you reflect and let go, forgiving should come easy. Just make up your mind that you will forgive for your sake and allow it to happen without resisting.

4. Renew

When you have gone through the process of reflection, letting go and forgiveness, you will come to find a sense of peace and renewal. You will feel refreshed and ready to explore the next season of your life, allowing the extraordinary blessings that have waited for you to flow into your life.  Appreciate and bless your past for what it has taught you and welcome with open arms this new season in your life. Spread your wings and fly!

Glenys Colclough

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