17 Black Women Bloggers To Know in 2013

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Building a successful blog takes passion and dedication. The process doesn't happen overnight, and often great blogs undergo many transformations until they find their niche. We recognize the importance of women creating our own spaces online. These bloggers offer exceptional content in their respective niches.

Yoli of Yoli's Green Living - Going green doesn't have to be painful or expensive. Yoli provides helpful tips on healthy, environmentally-conscious living. She's a black woman working to dispel the myth that myth that green living is for white folks. It works for us too!

Alexandria and Whitney of Sporty Afros - Black women do work out, and we maintain healthy, manageable hair. The creators of Sporty Afros set out to tear down invisible barriers between Black women and great health. Their blog empowers women who wish to keep their bodies and their hair healthy at once.

Sherrell of Organic Beauty Vixen - Sherrell documents her journey to living an eco-friendly, chic lifestyle on her blog. With her guidance, women learn how to avoid toxic beauty products and rediscover their natural beauty.

CeCe of The Big Girl Blog -  tackles life as plus-sized woman from all angles. No, this isn't a weight loss blog though CeCe leads her readers in fitness challenges. This is an honest account of woman who isn't hiding a thing.

Wagatwe of Fuckyeahfeminists - No, feminism isn't for white women. Wagatwe created a wildly popular space for feminists to converse. As a survivor of domestic and sexual violence she uses her past to contribute personal thoughts and experiences to different topics related to gender-based violence.

Folake of StylePantry - In the seemingly overcrowded world of fashion blogging, Folake is rising to the top. Style Pantry features interviews on industry folks, street style, lookbooks, campaigns and haute finds. In addition, Editor, Folake regularly updates her daily looks, sharing tips and secrets on where/how to shop bargains and vintage treasures.

Trudy of Gradient Lair- Writer and culture critic Trudy uses her incisive voice to explore sociopolitical issues from a firm womanist stance. In each blog post, Trudy forces her readers to reconsider their own views with her brilliant writing.

Mia of Black Girl Dangerous - Black Girl Dangerous seeks to, in as many ways possible, amplify the voices, experiences and expressions of queer and trans* people of color. Writer Mia McKenzie leads the endeavor with revealing and insightful cultural commentary.

Britni Danielle - Britni Danielle shares her road to a successful career as a freelancer. As a writer and educator, Britni is committed to helping others share their voices both on and offline, and has led writing and technology classes for both teenagers and adults. Her blog is a must-read for anyone who wants to pursue a career as a professional writer.

LC of Colored Girl Confidential - LC leads a self-development blog for Millennial women of color. She offers tips and guidance for young, ambitious women at the start of their careers. In addition to advice, she often offers her thoughts on varied issues of womanhood.

Rene of Good Enough Mother - Former TV Anchor and breast cancer ambassador Rene Syler offers practical, down-to-earth advice on motherhood and career.

Lauren of Crew of 42 - Crew of 42 follows the members of the Congressional Black Caucus and black politics across the country. Lauren writes about Congress and politics from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. This blog was created to put attention on important issues that generally don’t get much press coverage.

Aprill of Glitter Gloss Garbage - Women come in all shapes and sizes, skin tones, personalities and walks of life. Glitter.Gloss.Garbage fulfills these needs by providing information on new beauty product releases, beauty product swatches, and beauty product reviews.

Chastity of GarnerStyle - Fabulous fashion can come in all sizes. Chastity offers inspiration and advice for women looking to achieve great style.

Spectra of Spectra Speaks - Spectra is an award-winning Nigerian writer, women’s rights activist, new media consultant, and philanthropist. She is the voice behind the afrofeminist media blog, Spectra Speaks publishes news, opinions, and personal stories about gender, media, and diversity as they pertain to Africa and the Diaspora.

Sanura of My Life Runs on Food - My Life Runs on Food is a blog demonstrating how to plan a well-balanced meal back into our lives. It offers tips on how to “brown bag” yesterday’s dinner for lunch, and the blog suggests which seasonal produce to use in recipes.

Kara of Fabulous and Frugal - Fabulous and Frugal is an online home for women interested in creating community around financial empowerment, girl power, and juicy living. Kara uses her personal experiences to help other women make smart money choices.

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