Study Finds High Blood Pressure Most Prevalent in Black Women

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A new study shows that black women tend to have higher rates of high blood pressure than any other group.

According to a new study out of Vanderbilt University, black women are much more likely to have high blood pressure than black men, white women or white men.

Researchers looked at data from 70,000 people in 12 southeastern states and found that 64 percent of black women in the study had high blood pressure, compared to 52 percent of white women and 51 percent of black and white men.

Doctors at Mercy Medical Center said high blood pressure can cause potentially fatal health issues like stroke and heart attack. The study emphasizes the need for everyone to be checked for high blood pressure and treated appropriately.

“Typically, we think of men, we think of smokers, but I think what's really being evaluated by this study is that everyone really needs to be screened and monitored for blood pressure, and if they do have it, they need to be treated aggressively,” Mercy Medical Center’s Dr. Samyra Sealy said.

Among the study participants with high blood pressure, black men and women were more likely to go undiagnosed than white participants.

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