Father Commits Murder-Suicide After Suspicion of Wife's Infidelity

Queens, NY resident Jonathan Walker was moved by rage and jealousy in the brutal attack against his common-law wife Shantai Hale, their daughters 7-year-old Kayla and 12-year-old Christina, and Hale's mother, Viola Warren.

Hours before the incident, sources confirm that Walker was in a local liquor store telling others about his suspicions of Hale's infidelity.

“He believed she may have been cheating on him—possibly with more than one person,” a law-enforcement source said. “He went and got drunk that night before heading home.”

Under the influence of alcohol, Walker arrived at Hale’s home in the early hours of Saturday morning. He shot his two daughters then Hale and her mother, who were in another room. After the attack, Walker drove to JFK International Airport and took his own life by gunshot in his car.

His daughter Christina survived the attack and was able to call 911. She is now in critical condition but doctors remain hopeful for her recovery. Her survival is a miracle.

“Thank God the bullet passed through the part of her head that it did,” says Silford Warren, an uncle. “She moved her head backward at just the right moment when [her father] fired, and that probably saved her life.”

Sources say that Walker chose to kill his children so they would avoid being placed in foster care.

“He destroyed a whole family,” Hale’s cousin Joseph Simmons said. “There are no words to describe how angry the family is. He is a loser. He is a coward.”
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