Shanesha Taylor Sentenced to 18 Years Probation for Leaving Children in Car

Shanesha Taylor was sentenced to 18 years probation after pleading guilty to child abuse. Her story gained national attention when a passerby reported crying coming from an SUV at a Salvation Army parking lot in Scottsdale, AZ.

Taylor's sons were two years old and six months old when she left them inside her vehicle for a job interview. Her case sparked even more controversy when Taylor failed to make contributions to her son's trust fund facilitated by supporters and various crowd fundraising. Taylor's sentencing allows her to apply for interstate travel under supervised probation.

Taylor is also a military veteran which makes it hard for her "to admit when things aren't working out," her lawyer said.

Taylor's experience sheds light on national poverty, homelessness, and accessible childcare, but, with view to recent child deaths due to heatstroke, her "criminally poor judgment" could not be excused by Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Jeffrey Rueter.

Photo Credit: Joneka Percentie is a rising junior studying Mass Media Communications, Africana Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies at UNC Charlotte. When she’s not blogging with SPARK Movement, or tweeting @jpercentie, she enjoys singing, reading, and sleeping. Email her at

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