Waiting by J.F. Seary

I waited
Waited until the seconds became minutes
Minutes became hours
Hours became days

I waited
Waited until the days became weeks
Weeks became months
Months became years

I waited
Waited until my hair grew passed my shoulders
Until it turned from brown to gray
and watched it fall like a light rain

I waited
Waited until my hunger turned to pain
and that pain turned to anguish
Until the food became a memory

I waited
Waited as my body became emaciated
brown skin clinging to white bone
veins protruding

I waited
Waited until the youthful beat of my heart
slowed to the pace of a snail in a race
until the blood in my veins thickened

I waited
Waited until my throat dried
and became a desert from which my songs
would no longer sing

I waited
Waited to hear your voice again
Waited for those loving words
To make love of my soul again

J.F. Seary - poet/actor/educator. She has been writing and performing her poetry for over ten
years. Her poetry has been published in La Voz, a Binghamton University publication and the Sofrito for Your Soul online publication. She is currently a member of the NYC Latina Writers Group and Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater's Fantastic Latina Playwright's Lab and she is currently on tour with Urbintel Productions’ HerStory. In 2010she was a panelist at the 13th Annual Latino Book & Family Festival in Los Angeles, CA. In addition, she played the roles of Curan in King Lear and as the Volunteer in Is There Room In Your Heart? both produced at Teatro LATEA. She was recently cast as Gina (lead) in Open Mic: An Urban Love Story. www.jfseary.webs.com

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