Kerry Washington Demonstrates the Meaning of Sisterhood

I've never believed the myth that black women don't support each other. Of course, black women have disputes, but this seems to be one of those cultural lies we like to dredge up whenever we think we didn't get the credit we deserve. Black women have long formed loving, uplifting communities to ensure our success. I see it everyday in my "normal" life as well as among the not-so-regular.

It was great, this week, to see Kerry Washington, star of ABC's 'Scandal,' offer her congratulations to Meagan Good on the premiere of her new NBC drama 'Deception.'

 Kerry is in the middle of a hectic, worldwide promo tour for 'Django Unchained' (during which she's looked nothing short of flawless, btw) and she certainly didn't have to offer the gesture. Whenever there's more than one of us, rumors of cattiness and competition spread. We're witnessing a historic moment. Two black women on prime time is something to be celebrated. Kerry truly showed herself to be a beautiful spirit by not giving into concocted ideas feuds. There's room for everyone. The gesture seemed to catch Meagan by surprise.

Yes, I know it's "just Twitter." Still Kerry didn't have to do it.  No matter what anyone has to say about her latest film, Kerry Washington deserves praise for a simple, kind act that defies all stereotypes.

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