15 Ways #BlackPowerisforBlackMen

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by Stacy Australia of Life and Times of Stacy Australia

#BlackPowerisforBlackMen is a hashtag created by Jamilah Lemieux on Twitter. She’s also the Digital & News Life Editor with Ebony magazine. Years ago I use to read her blog The Beautiful Struggler.

Any way, I’m not normally moved by hashtags but this one kept reappearing in my timeline. I checked it out and was overwhelmed with emotions. This is some real s**t. This hashtag is packed with so much power & emotions.

I started reflecting on my personal experiences of how #BlackPowerisforBlackMen has shown itself in my life. Here is a list of some of the ways it’s manifested in my life.

1. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because when I was raped I didn’t report it because it was a man I knew and I didn’t want to feel shame for being alone with someone i trusted (both times)

2. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because when I was in an abusive relationship, I was questioned “Why didn’t you leave?” Instead of asking him why he was trying to beat my ass

3. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because I’ve dated men who were unemployed but when I shared my unemployment and current struggles,I don’t hear from them anymore

4. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because I loved him when he were going through his depression but he left me when I was going through mine

5.#BlackPowerisforBlackMen because when he told me he was molested as a child I cried but when I shared my story he laughed

6. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because my mom was there to take me to school, take care of me when I was sick, deal with my teachers (no shade to my dad but realistically my mom did it all)

7. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because when I became tired of his games and lack of commitment he call me negative, angry, bitter, and a “bitch”

8. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because when I moved on from this failed relationship he made sure I knew “You can never find a man as good as me”

9. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because when he gave me an STD he looked at me & said “well my baby momma don’t have anything”

10. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because when I ask him not to address me as “shawty” or “a yo ma” he proceed to call me “stuck up”, “bitch” and “think I’m all that”

11. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because when we were teens, he spread rumors about me because I wouldn’t have sex with him

12. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because he assumed my curviness gave him permission to touch or talk to me any type of way

13. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because when I was asked to apply for a position and given considerable recommendations, he still hired a MAN from outside the agency

14. #BlackPowerisforBlackMen because you thought since everybody else was coupled up, that meant i would accept your disrespectful advantages

15. BlackPowerisforBlackMen because despite any of these experiences I’m not angry and I still love black men

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