I Reject Russell Simmons' Apology

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by Raissa M. Nkuba
It's been a few days since the release of Russell Simmons' infamous "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape." But, there are still so many questions lingering in my mind. As a black woman, I felt hurt, violated and disrespected by it. I can't quite figure out why Russell Simmons, a black man, would find such a degrading video remotely funny. 

What I find even more appalling was Mr. Simmons' apology. He made it very clear to us that the only reason he took down the video was because "his buddies from the NAACP gave him a call." He arrogantly stated that he didn't find the video offensive because he had thick skin. He then followed up with a tweet that read "I guess I am missing a sensitivity chip. Lol." Russell Simmons clearly still doesn't get it.

I found it extremely amusing when all of his celebrity friends came to his rescue, tweeting all these "great things" he has done for the world, and asking everyone to forgive him.

Had Russell Simmons been a white conservative who had done great things for the world, do you think they would have responded in the same manner? Probably not.

Why should we give Mr. Simmons a pass? Because he's black? I wholeheartedly reject that motion. He should've known better.

Russell Simmons should be held fully accountable for his actions. That video was hurtful beyond measure. Our ancestors were killed, beaten, tortured and raped during slavery. Our ancestors suffered and fought so that we could have the freedom we have today. It takes a very heartless individual to make a mockery out of the hardship they had to endure.

Oh, before I forget! we are talking about the same individual who was offended because Don Lemon said "black men should stop sagging their pants". Isn't it funny how this same individual magically grew "thick skin" when it came to the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape?

As a member of the African diaspora, I reject Russell Simmons' apology. I cannot comprehend how any person, especially one of African descent, could possibly find such a video amusing.

Russell Simmons' apology was in no way sincere. This man still doesn't get it.


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