Go Home, Rick Ross: Exploiting Trayvon Martin is Inexcusable

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by Veronica Hilbring

“Trayvon Martin, I’m never missing my target….”

Once again, Rick Ross has found himself in the middle of controversy with his song lyrics. 

He has barely dug himself out of the ditch he found himself in with his U.O.E.N.O verse last year and yet he’s back for in the 2014 for the jumpoff.  

Prior to this new controversy, he’s been seen pow-wowing with Swizz Beatz and Reebok execs again, which leads most of us to believe that he was never really dropped from his endorsement deal, just put on a time-out to allow the company to save face. None of us should be surprised that he’s back in the news with this latest controversy. 

For some reason, Rick Ross can’t seem to keep Trayvon Martin’s name out of his mouth. And not in a Public Enemy-let-me-inform-you-of-this-great-miscarriage-of-justice type of way. It’s in an oh-I-think-I’m-clever-let-me-use-his-name-in-a-song-about-nothing-related-to-him, his life or death way.

In 2012, he mentioned Trayvon Martin’s name in Usher’s Let Me See that was strangely overlooked by most of the public as there was no explanation offered and the song continued to get regular spins on the radio.

In that song he says, 

“Had to valet park it, Chanel hoodie on, Looking like Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman on warning…”

Wait what?

After I heard his verse, I couldn’t bear to listen to that song ever again. Even worse, the people and minions around him and in the studio during the recording allowed him to get away with that. Who thought that line was hot or clever? Usher? The song producer?

Maybe I’m expecting too much from Rick Ross. I mean the man can barely conduct a real interview by a journalist who wants to ask real questions. When has anyone ever heard Rick Ross speak or rap about anything that means something?

While he avoided almost certain banishment into obscurity for his correctional officer background, he’s been able to thrive on the fact that the totem pole for rap is so low now that we don’t even mid overlooking the fact that he never mentions his real life but instead flourishes in telling the stories of the REAL Rick Ross. 

This latest controversy occurs when people have been celebrated for their ability to pick hot beats, come up with a catchy hook and get featured on every new single by DJ Khaled. 

How has he developed this sense or feeling that he can mention murdered black children in his music like we’re not going to hear it or have an issue with it? With all of the issues happening in Ross’ home state of Florida, how can he even think of mentioning Trayvon’s name without calling for justice?

Despite the media coverage on Ross’ latest lyric, I bet we can expect more of the same. A few of us will raise our voices and some will say we’re being too sensitive. Reebok will certainly remain quiet. And Ross will continue to talk about how he’s a boss in every interview.  

Ross has already offered an explanation but he’ll  no doubt continue spitting the same corny raps that have made him very successful. 

“Trayvon Martin, I’m never missing my target.”


With offensive and insensitive lyrics like that, you sir will continue to be the target and U.O.E.N.O it.

Veronica Hilbring is an Email Manager and writer living in Chicago. 

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