#Blogust: Seeing the World Through New Eyes

As I look back on my childhood, I often feel like I missed something. I spent my early years in what I can only describe as a hyper-competitive, ultra-focused stupor. I can’t say it was all bad. I have many amazing memories, but I wish I had had more fun. I wish that as a small person, I would have taken more time to enjoy the moments only children can know.

And I cannot say that I fully regret choosing to live a carefully plotted life. In fact, I owe a great deal of my adult successes (whatever they may be) to the choices I made as a kid. But still if a young girl asked me for a prescription for the path she should take, I’d steer her in a different direction—one that includes more self-care and reflection—one that allows for a young girl struggling to make sense of herself in a hostile world to feel completely and without shame.  

I’m older and I’ve begun doing the work to see myself as more than a fierce competitor. I’m choosing now to work through those regrets rather than stew in them. And just as I’d begun to disentangle myself from a destructive self-concept, my older sister announced she was pregnant with twins—my first nieces or nephews. 

When she gave birth to twin girls almost two years ago, during what was a major transition in my life, I felt a responsibility to help those baby girls see the world with different eyes than I had. They’d be experiencing a lifetime of firsts, and though I cannot mold them to be what I feel is best. I can be for them what I never felt I had: a soft place to land. I can reassure them that though they will make mistakes and suffer failures, they will always be valued and loved—that caring for them is a joy. 

Becoming an aunt for the first time forced me to reflect on what I never knew. This is my first time caring for someone else as deeply and faithfully as I care for myself, and I am grateful for it. 

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