New Troubles Arise for Arizona Mom Who Left Kids in Car

Less than three months after regaining custody of her children, Shanesha Taylor has been accused of wasting her opportunities. Taylor made headlines after she was arrested for leaving her two children in a car while she was interviewing for a job last summer.

Taylor reached a deal with prosecutors that would allow her to avoid jail time and have the child abuse charges dropped as long as she completed parenting and substance abuse treatment programs and establishing education and child care trust funds for her children with the money she raised on the Internet.

But according to KTAR, Taylor failed to set up the trust and education fund even after the amount was reduced.

Originally, the amount was set at $60,0000 but the prosecutor's office offered to reduce the amount to $40,000...

She said she had spent $42,000 of the money on child care and other necessary living expenses but she hasn't provided any documentation to the court. Taylor said she was still searching for a job.

Taylor expressed other concerns about the education fund. According to AZ Family, Taylor refused to set up the $30,000 fund because her children would not receive the money if they did not attend college.

She will now face prosecution for failing to comply.

Last week, her lawyer, Benjamin Taylor (no relation), withdrew himself from the case. A new lawyer also withdrew citing lack of payment.

Shanesha Taylor has been appointed a public defender. Her trial will begin December 10.

Photo Credit: Charlie Leight/The Republic

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