45 Must Follow Tumblrs For Black Women

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An Intro to Tumblr
Much like Twitter, Tumblr is a social networking tool that you can't fully appreciate until you're completely immersed in it. It's used primarily for sharing pictures, links, and videos, but increasingly the microblogging site has become a platform for sharing news and building community.

The best thing about Tumblr? The dozens of images of powerful, beautiful Black women you'll come across daily. The site proves just how we take it upon ourselves to promote self-affrming images when they are nowhere to be found.

Warning: Be sure you've got some time to kill before you tackle this list. Tumblr is the prime destination for colored girls who are bored at work when Twitter isn't enough.

http://fyeahafrica.tumblr.com - Dedicated to, and celebrating, the people, numerous cultures, tribes and traditions of Africa

Black Women/Women
http://blackchickswithfreckles.com - The name says it all.
http://fuckyeahfiercebitches.tumblr.com - Fierce b*#@hes doing fierce things.
http://proudblackwoman.tumblr.com - A celebration of all that it means to be a Black woman.
http://fuckyeahblackbeauties.tumblr.com - Beautiful Black women of all shades and shapes.
http://allthingsblackwomen.tumblr.com - Even more snaps of gorgeous Black women
http://black-berries.tumblr.com - See two previous entries
http://darkskinnedblackbeauty.tumblr.com - Celebrating the beauty of women who often get overlooked

http://fuckyeahfamousblackgirls.tumblr.com - Pictures and quotes from famous Black women
http://fuckyeahfemcees.tumblr.com - Highlighting women in rap
http://reelsistas.tumblr.com - A tribute to Black women in television and film
http://fkyahdianaross.tumblr.com - All Diana Ross all the time.
http://daily-mj.tumblr.com - Get your MJ fix

http://fuckyeahethnicwomen.tumblr.com - Beautiful women from around the world
http://fuckyeahethnicmodels.tumblr.com - Featuring models of all ethnicities
http://blackfashion.tumblr.com - Stylish Black women and men
http://fashioncitizen.tumblr.com - Fashion insight of a blogger and stylist
http://www.mustluvvshoes.com - Shoe addicts of the world unite.
http://blackstylecentral.tumblr.com - Black celebrity style
http://streetetiquette.tumblr.com - Stylish Black men

http://fuckyeahblackmodels.tumblr.com - Beautiful Black models

http://fuckyeahfeminists.tumblr.com - Celebrating anything that's anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-ableism, anti-oppression, anti-kyriarchy, anti-homophobia, anti-hate and pro-equality.
http://thefeministhub.tumblr.com - Community for feminists
http://islamicfeminist.tumblr.com - Social commentary by feminist, Muslim woman

http://fywomenshistory.tumblr.com - A primer on women's history.
http://vintageblackglamour.tumblr.com - Beautiful Black women from eras gone by
http://blackvintage.tumblr.com - Historical photographs of Black men and women
http://ofanotherfashion.tumblr.com - An alternative archive of the not-quite-hidden but too often ignored fashion histories of U.S. women of color
http://fyeahblackhistory.tumblr.com - An entire blog dedicated to Black History tid bits
http://littleknownblackhistoryfacts.tumblr.com - You won't find any of these #BHM gems in a textbook.
http://boogiechronicles.tumblr.com - The hilarious tales of poet Bassey Ikpi and her son Boogie.

Natural Hair
http://peacelovenatural.tumblr.com - Highlights Black women with natural hair.
http://locluv.tumblr.com - For the loc lovers
http://naturalhaireverything.tumblr.com - #naturalhaireverything
http://lecoil.tumblr.com - One of the better known natural hair Tumblrs
http://fuckyeahcurlscurlscurls.tumblr.com - For everyone who loves curls

News and Politics
http://thesmithian.com - A supremely well-edited collection of opinion, news and pop culture.

http://blackloveposter.tumblr.com - Gorgeous photos of real life Black lovebirds.

http://afrobella.tumblr.com - Afrobella shares her thoughts.
http://angelonfire.com - Angel Laws--the woman behind Concrete Loop.
http://www.xoxoclaire.com - Claire Sulmers the Editor in Chief of The Fashion Bomb.
http://danyelsmith.tumblr.com - Veteran journalist Danyel Smith

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