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Now that March has begun, it's time to take a moment and look back on some of the most viewed posts here at

We have compiled a list of what seems to be favorites of our readers. Take a look, and see if some of yours made the list.

1. Updated: Demand XXL's Editor Answer for Promoting Sexual Assault

"The question is not why the man would say such horrific things.
(Vile people regularly say and do vile things.), but why did the magazine
provide him a platform? The minds and bodies of black girls are continually
under attack."

2.Dear Viola: We Don't Hate The Player, We Just Despise The Game

"For her merits, [Viola] Davis deserves to be named alongside screen legends like
Meryl Streep and Robert DeNiro. But alas the black, female body she inhabits
prevents her from reaching the professional heights she so deserves.

3.I Wish I Could Be So Naive: A Response to @Daisy of @XOJanedotcom

"The choice to live in affluent, predominately white communities was mom's attempt to help my sister and I overcome the trappings of life in black, female bodies. But of course she couldn't shield us completely. We never feared for our safety, and we always attended great schools. But being one of only a handful of African American kids submersed in a sea of whiteness had its own pitfalls. The often overt bigotry I endured left a stain of insecurity and self doubt on my nascent consciousness. That is the reality of my early existence."

4.A State of Emergency for Black Girls

"How I wanted someone, anyone, to just notice me. That attention, if and when it came, was unwanted because it was from grown ass men who should have known better than to stare at my budding breasts."

5. Does BET's 'The Game' Hate Black Women?

"The women on the show are now merely plot devices. None of the characters are fully developed but the definition of the female characters seems malicious. Melanie's bizarre transformation this season provides a prime example."

6. Black Feminist Contradictions: We All Got 'Em

"A feminist life is supposed to be a liberated one. A transcendent existence free of
the constraints foisted upon us but a society that cares not for our best interest.
Yet sometimes I feel constricted in trying to live up to the expectations I set for
"good feminists."

7. Join our book club! Introducing #BlackGirlsLoveBooks

"For Harriet's official book club, Black Girls Love Books, will kick off next month!
Each month we'll pick one non-fiction and one fiction book to read and discuss on
Twitter and Facebook."

8. Invisible Chains: Unlearning My Mother's Wisdom

"While we celebrate the trailblazers, the holiday exposes one of the most maddening contradictions of the Black female experience: African American women derive strength and pride from the fearlessness of our foremothers, but our own
mothers and surrogates direct us to lead our lives with a spirit of caution."

9. Black Women Should Come Out of Hiding In Honor of Viola Davis

"Viola's appearance was an important moment for us. I missed the red carpet
live, but I've taken several moments since Sunday to soak in the gorgeousness
of it all: her chocolate brown afro, luminescent complexion and remarkable
stature. I see myself in her, and I feel powerful."

10.It Was All A Dream: Coming to Terms With Relationship Realities

"Lately, I’ve had several conversations with colleagues who’ve found
themselves experiencing similar situations. They’ve become involved,
emotionally and physically, with men who don’t have the same views
on relationships as they do."

What are some of your favorite February posts, and why? We'd love to hear from you!

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