8 Brilliant Blog Posts and Articles by Black Women You Need to Read

Teaching My Son to Love Himself

On Black Feminism, Church Ministries, and “Doing Life Together”

Keep It Real: Reality TV’s Unrealistic Portrayal of Friendship Among Black Women

The Hidden Dangers of Being a ‘Strong Black Woman’

Ain't Nobody's Business: On the Policing of Female Sexuality

Transitions: How a Personal Crisis Led Me to Self-Love

15 Books About Black Women's History Everyone Should Read

5 Hilarious Black Women on YouTube You Should Watch

We're Part of History Too: Black Women and the Struggle to Locate Our Stories

Wearing the Crowns We Choose: Why We Really Love Lupita Nyong'o

Dear Tyler Perry: An Open Letter on Behalf of Survivors

Black Face, Blue Eyes: A Black Girl's Obsession

Officer Accused of Killing Aiyana Stanley-Jones to Face New Trial

Black Girls Face Alarmingly High Rates of School Suspension

Wanderlust: How My Inaugural Solo Travels Ignited My Desire to See the World

The Golden Age: Why I Still Miss 90s R&B

Google Tributes Dorothy Height with a Doodle on Her 102nd Birthday

Balancing the 'Girl Crush': Admiring Another's Beauty While Valuing Our Own

Why No One in My House is "Gifted and Talented"

Shonda Rhimes, Please Let the Black Girl Win

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Simply Beautiful without Justification: A Dark-Skinned Woman’s Reflection on the 'Lupita Effect'

What Self-Care Means to Me: I Can Do Bad All by Myself, but No Good Can Come From it

Tyler Perry's 'Single Mom's Club' Opens to Disappointing Box Office Receipts

Texas Father Arrested, Suspected of Murdering His Daughter and Her Girlfriend

Dancing to My Own Drum: How Embracing My Authentic Self Set Me Free

Ban 'Bossy' and Reject 'Angry': Why We Must Stop the Mislabeling of Black Women

U.S. Unemployment Rate for Black Women Drops to Single Digits

The New Naturalista: How DIYers and Trained Pros Can Coexist for Healthy Hair

The Trouble with "Never Say No" and Old-School Marriage Advice

Natural Responses: Learning to Tune Out Feedback on My Natural Hair

Study: People See Black Children as Less Innocent and Less Young Than White Children

Unwelcome Opinions: Why We Should Exchange Judgment for Understanding

Study Finds High Blood Pressure Most Prevalent in Black Women

Why Single Motherhood Rocks

Former Miss Kentucky Djuan Trent Comes Out in Response to State's Anti-Gay Bill

Confronting Racist Aggression Big and Small: When You See Something, Say Something

How Black Women's Music Introduced Me to Feminism

What Do I Owe You: When a Black Male Colleague Compels Racial Betrayal

A Fly Girl’s Lament: Young Millennials Reaching for the Erotic When Womanhood Feels Miles Away

Celebrating Our Story: Why '12 Years a Slave’s' Success is a Victory for All Black Americans

9 Lessons I’ve Learned From My 9 Year Relationship

Young, Gifted, and Black: What I've Learned While Raising a Gifted Child

Oprah and Snoop Dogg Reportedly Settle Their Differences on Accusations of Misogyny

Dencia, Lupita and the Struggle to Redefine Black Beauty

Three Black Women Make the 2014 Forbes Billionaires List

Four Page Letter: How Writing To Your Past & Future Self Can Change Your Present

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